Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I wish I could help these beautiful dogs...

I'm a member of  DogHeirs, and just read this article: UPDATED: City Prohibited from Euthanizing Friendly, Non-Aggressive Pit Bulls Labelled Dangerous. (There are some previous articles on the site; if I can find them again I'll update with a link.)

This is unbelievable! The woman responsible for taking Lilo and Stitch away from their family should be sued (not just for that, but for other things she's done against Ms. Soluri), and the Judge should be censured at the very least. I personally believe in the saying "There are no bad dogs, only bad owners", and any type of Breed Specific Legislation needs to stop!

Also, the fact that you can't appeal a "dangerous dog" determination in Ft. Worth is ridiculous. Does anyone know of anyplace else this is allowed? I agree with the lawyer that it's probably unconstitutional.

If anyone can help this family (mother and child) get their precious dogs back, please do! Sign the petition, donate whatever money you can, but please, please help!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Being unemployed sucks. I wish to go on record.

There is so much bad about not having a job. I'm currently living off of my SSI and my dad's retirement, which amounts to a little over $700/month. I have some bills to pay, food to buy, etc. I would love to have a job, though!

Most of you who know/remember me know about my speech problems, though (which I believe is one of the things keeping me from getting a job... I was told point-blank by the manager of one of the places I applied to that because some bigwigs from their corporate office often came to their store, I would not be hired because of my speech... and yes, I know it's a violation of the ADA, but I'm not interested in suing them. Too much hassle, it was a while ago, I have no proof, etc.)

One of my dream jobs would be to work in a book or a music store. As a lot of you know, I love to read and I love music. Working around those would truly be awesome.

Another thing I could do is secretarial/administrative assistant/personal assistant. I'm good on the computer, I can type, file, all that. But again, there's the speech issue to deal with. I wish I knew of a place that would hire disabled people to work alongside the non-handicapped.

If any of y'all know of any job openings, please let me know!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

My very own blog!

I'm not new to the blogosphere, although this is the first blog I've done under my own name. I'll just be posting about life and other stuff.

I'm getting back in touch with some of my old friends from high school, which is cool. I've talked to Donna Russell, and am texting back and forth with Bethany Gallagher. I hope I can talk to some of my other high school friends sometime, too.

I'm going to be spending Christmas with Donna and her family, which will be fun. I haven't seen her in 12 1/2 years! The last time was at our ten-year reunion. I can't wait to see if and how she's changed. She'll probably be surprised that I've changed...

Well, just wanted to post something real quick. I'll be updating whenever the mood strikes me!