Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I wish I could help these beautiful dogs...

I'm a member of  DogHeirs, and just read this article: UPDATED: City Prohibited from Euthanizing Friendly, Non-Aggressive Pit Bulls Labelled Dangerous. (There are some previous articles on the site; if I can find them again I'll update with a link.)

This is unbelievable! The woman responsible for taking Lilo and Stitch away from their family should be sued (not just for that, but for other things she's done against Ms. Soluri), and the Judge should be censured at the very least. I personally believe in the saying "There are no bad dogs, only bad owners", and any type of Breed Specific Legislation needs to stop!

Also, the fact that you can't appeal a "dangerous dog" determination in Ft. Worth is ridiculous. Does anyone know of anyplace else this is allowed? I agree with the lawyer that it's probably unconstitutional.

If anyone can help this family (mother and child) get their precious dogs back, please do! Sign the petition, donate whatever money you can, but please, please help!