Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Gonna be a long, hard road ahead...

I have to get in touch with the V.A. pretty soon to see if I can get my medical records from Carswell and possibly Ft. Gordon. That's going to take awhile. I also need to get my records from Richardson Medical where I had my back surgery back in '87 (hopefully they still have them, at least on microfilm). My doctor is going to.schedule me for an MRI on my knees, hopefully soon.

My friend is going to handle the case on his own with some help from a contact in Social Security (which is why he needs my file). He's going to read it front to back, then the two of us will get together and go through it hoping to find something that will prove they made the initial denial back in 2006 based on inaccurate information. If we can get them to reopen and reexamine the case, that will be great. (It's completely at their discretion though... unfortunately, not even a judge can order them to do it.)

My friend is even willing to call Washington in hopes of finding a sympathetic ear to hear my case. I am going to owe him big time. I've already decided that if he actually pulls this off, I'm giving him 30% of my backpay, however much it is. (I think that's about how much I'd be paying a lawyer.) Not sure what I'll do if they refuse to take another look at the case. Probably take some of my savings and treat him to dinner, which is far too little thanks for all he's doing.

Thank you so much, Doug, and however it goes, you'll have my undying gratitude forever!