Friday, April 19, 2013

Talked to Social Security again...

... and again they said I can't get DAC under my original diagnoses. (They can't have me reevaluated based on those diagnoses... it's kinda like double jeopardy in a criminal case). BUT, my friend who's been helping me out thinks the rep we talked to may have given him a loophole.

See, I also suffer from severe depression, a complication of my disabilities. Wouldn't anyone be depressed if they couldn't work or get around well or do all the things you able-bodied folks can do?

Plus, from all the conversations I've had with them, it seems that they may have made their initial decision based on incorrect information, also. So that's another ace up my sleeve. It'll take a judge to determine that, though.

I just spoke to a representative from Coats and Todd (disability lawyers), and she promised that someone would get back to me in no more than a week to discuss whether they can help me. I hope they can.