Sunday, November 18, 2012

My friend and I are texting each other right now, trying to get a feel for what the other is like. I'm a Democrat, she's Republican (we both agree that the way to avoid conflict about politics is not to discuss it); I like rock and heavy metal, she likes Christian, pop, and praise and worship music; she's very neat and organized, I'm messier... this may be an odd couple sort of thing. lol. It seems that we're almost total opposites.

I'm wondering how our dogs will get along. She has three, I have one. Alaska (mine) isn't used to other dogs, so she might get rough with my friend's dogs. It won't be for very long; just until she gets used to them. My friend's dogs, on the other hand, are what she describes as "domineering", since two of the three have had puppies. (Alaska's been spayed, so I don't know how she'll be with two mama dogs.)

I just asked her if she thinks that the fact that we're opposites in almost every way will be a problem. Depending on how she responds, we'll go from there.

Text @ 4:12: "I don't know."

Guess we'll both have to think and pray about it really hard...