Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Happy, happy!

I learned earlier today that I have enough money saved up to have a pretty nice Christmas after all. I need to figure out what to buy my friend Donna for having me over for the holiday. Cookies are nice, but I want to buy her something else, too. Maybe a nice candle? A holiday figurine? I'll figure something out.

I'll also have enough to buy Season 9 of NCIS. Maybe I can even get the first season of NCIS: L.A. I've been wanting to start a collection of those DVDs too. I can order them from Amazon and save around $30 probably.

And I'll get some of the CDs I've been wanting. Some Christmas music, and some heavy metal. (Ozzy Osbourne, Tesla, Rob Zombie, etc. I've never really been a metalhead, but I can start.) I borrowed some of my downstairs neighbors CDs and put them in my iTunes library (now have more than 1400 songs in there!), but can always put more in. I've also got some contemporary Christian (well, if you consider the 80s "contemporary", lol) artists that I really like on my Amazon want list, so I can order a few of their albums, too.

Um, lemme see... I think that's all I can really get with the amount of money I have. I'll have to save up for stuff like my iPod, Kindle, and other things. I'm still planning to get a Dell laptop; I have that on my want list too.  And an iPad. (I've said this in previous posts. You know you seriously have nothing to talk about when you just keep repeating stuff from earlier posts. lol)

I bought a new planner at Target when I took Alaska in for her grooming on Saturday. I also have a new paper journal (my favorite color... purple ftw!) I still have a couple of pages left to write in my old one, but when I finish it, I'll be using my new one.

I do need to save up to see Styx this coming year. I really wanted to go this year and have a big 40th birthday blowout, but yeah, didn't happen. :-( So maybe next year. Ugh, and moving. I have no idea when that's going to happen. I just have to keep that open-ended, and that's so not my style.