Wednesday, December 19, 2012

So sad...

I found out yesterday that I'm not only completely broke, I'm overdrawn at the bank. (The overdraft fee is being taken care of, thank goodness.) Of all the times of the year to be out of money... :-( I just didn't keep good track of how much I was spending. So, no Christmas goodies for me (at least not from myself.)

I'm going to sit down after the new year with a friend of mine who's good at keeping track of financial stuff and plan a budget with him. I would like to save at least $500 if not more by my birthday, and several hundred dollars more by next fall so I can go somewhere and see Styx. By the time I see them next, it will have been five years, and I'd like to see them a few more times before they retire. (They're all in their late 50s/early 60s with the exception of the drummer, who's 43 now.) I know, I know, just because they're older, that doesn't mean they're ready for the Old Rockstars' Home (just look at the Rolling Stones, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and other classic rock bands). But still, I'd hate to have to miss them.

Oh, well. It's only five more days until I go over to Jeff and Donna's for Christmas, and I'm happy about that. I can hang out with them and do the Diamond Loch Christmas tour (I've always loved that; the houses are always so beautiful this time of year! People go all out with the decorations!). It'll be fun.