Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Nineteen days til Christmas!

Eighteen days (roughly) til I see Donna and Jeff for the first time in about twelve years. (The last time I saw them was at our ten-year high school reunion.) I'm excited! (Note to self: Next time you see Pam, ask her to babysit Alaska!!!!!)

Okay, slight change of plans about my Christmas money. I have more important things to buy than CDs unfortunately (although I'm still getting my NCIS Season 9 boxed set). I really want a blender so I can make my own smoothies -- the price for smoothies at Subway and places like that are outrageous,  especially for someone on a limited budget, and I can make my own a lot cheaper. (Although *whispers* I do sometimes break down and buy the occasional iced cappucino at Starbucks. I love iced caps!) I can wait until after the new year to buy all the other stuff I want. I've waited this long, after all...

I need to go to the Old Town shopping center (Lover's Lane/Greenville in Dallas) and see if the new&used CD place I used to haunt is still there. I can probably find some of the CDs I want there, and if they're not cheap enough, I can still get them on Amazon. (If I bought them on Amazon first, I'd have to pay the overnight shipping, which is pretty expensive. Yes, I'm one of those "instant gratification" freaks... when I want something, I want it now!... usually. Like I said, I've waited this long to buy a laptop, iPod, etc., so I can wait a little longer.)

A friend of mine is taking me to Target today to get a new trashcan (maybe two if I can afford it -- one for the bathroom and one for general trash) with a lid so Alaska won't keep getting into the trash. (Why do dogs like eating poopy and/or bloody toilet paper, anyway?!) Trash can with lid=problem solved. :-) So that's what I'll do with the money I have today.