Thursday, December 13, 2012

I think my future roomie and I are about to get the ball rolling on finding money/a place to live. She wants to meet at a local mall this weekend. To tell the truth, to me it doesn't really matter if I find a full-time job or not; I do have my SSI and my pension from my dad's retirement, so I won't starve. The only reason I want to work is to get out of the house. But depending on what kind of rent we have to pay on the house, I may need a little more money. Hopefully it won't be more that $600-$700/month (total) -- I think we could afford $300-$350 each. Then of course, we'd have utilities and cable/internet/phone (maybe -- or we could just use our cell phones. What do people need a landline for these days, anyway? Unless it's for the computer modem...)

Here's hoping we'll find a place to live within the next few months or even in the next year.